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Is “The Purgatory 2” will shot in the United States? (NNT Special)

Biray Dalkıran, these days often goes to the United States and shares several photos from there. He especially adds ”holiday” hashtag in his social media shares. But we know that; “Araf” (“The Abortion” (AKA “The Purgatory”) in USA) starring Akasya Asıltürkmen and Murat Yıldırım and “Cennet” (“The Psycho Love Story” in USA) starring Fahriye Evcan and Engin Altan Düzyatan, the films Biray Dalkıran directed before, has been distributed in the United States too. Also he has written and directed the first and only 3D movie of Turkey called “Cehennem”; which had made Turkey become one of the countries that can produce 3D movies. At last, the trailer of one of his latest movies “Peri Masalı”, dubbed English in New York Dubbing studios as a gift.  With many award-winning films, Biray Dalkiran is one of Turkey’s most-wanted figures in directing of commercials, music videos and tv serials too.

Because of these, Biray Dalkıran’s USA visits, he attracted the attention of American filmmakers and they began to meet with him to dissuade the succesful director. Dalkıran shares this news with a few trusted friends and don’t want to explain anything without definite.

At the beginning of this year, Biray Dalkıran unveiled that he will make sequel of his movie “Araf” (“The Abortion” (AKA “The Purgatory”) in USA) which is the first horror movie accepted to Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival, directed 10 years ago. However, due to shooting of his tv series, he had been forced to postpone this project for a while.

All of these signs brought the question: “Is ‘The Purgatory 2’ will shot in the United States?”

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